About Us


About us

 The  College of  Humanities at  Nanhua  University was founded in the academic year 1999. Currently, the full-time faculty consists of 6 professors, 21 associate professors, 27 assistant professors , as well as 2 lecturers(including 54 Ph.D. holders); and the student body consists of 234 graduates of master programs and 750 undergraduates.  


The Characteristics of the College is stressed on parallel learning of humanity concerns and integrated curriculum design.  The phase promotes the College to outstrip peers of other universities, for they just stand alone in teaching and research while our departments make it available for course election in different departments.  Departments in Nanhua are correlated each other to offer the courses.  They jointly offer the courses and support each other the required teachers.  The College has implemented the policy for several years.  


Moreover, in reviewing the specialization in departments and their mutually supporting to each other, you will find a fact that the integration of curricula and reciprocal help is compact and orderly.  For example, the studies of life-and-death is set up as the core with those correlated studies of philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, environmental sciences to produce a grandly joint project of integration.  The College holds humanistic concerns and continues its learning approach to the integration of sciences with a hope to cherish people of ability and set a paradigm for academic research.


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